Pouch Sling Instructions

Here are instructions for putting on and using a pouch sling. I am modeling with my 10 week old son. Step 1: To start, put sling over the preferred shoulder, leaving the seam down towards your front. Posted by Picasa

Step 2: The seam of the sling should be in the front. Unless of course you are doing a hip carry, in which case the seam would go on your hip. The seam is always where baby's bottom will go. (I will show a hip carry with an older baby as soon as I can get a kid from my neighbor!) Posted by Picasa

Step 3: Place baby in burp position on the opposite shoulder from the sling. Posted by Picasa

Step 4: Once in burp position, open up the outer layer of fabric and guide baby's feet in. Make sure to leave a layer of fabric between you and baby. Posted by Picasa

Step 5: Slide baby down into the deep pocket of the sling. Make sure that his bottom rests in the seam part. You can frog his legs up so that he lays on your chest, or you can turn his body a little and stretch his legs out in the sling so he is more reclined and sideways like a hammock. Posted by Picasa

Step 6: Now baby is secure and you are hands free! (sorry for the unflattering picture of me - my husband snapped it early!) Posted by Picasa

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