Ring Sling Instructions

Here are instructions for putting on and using a ring sling. I am modeling with my 10 week old son. Step 1: To start, put sling over the preferred shoulder, arranging the fabric straight across your back and rings at the shoulder. Posted by Picasa

Step 2: Once you have the sling on, adjust the rings so that they rest in "corsage position". You want them just below your clavicle. Spread the fabric over your shoulder and across your back. If it is bunched up on the back, or resting on your neck instead of your shoulder, you will be in pain after awhile. Loosen the fabric across your front so you can slide baby down in. Posted by Picasa

Step 3: Place baby in burp position. Grab baby's bottom with one hand and pull the sling fabric away from your body with the other. Posted by Picasa

Step 4: Slide baby down into the fabric of the sling. Make sure you pull the fabric all the way up his back. You can frog his legs up and leave them in the fabric, or you can pull his legs through and let them hang down. Just be sure to pull the bottom of the fabric tight by pulling on the side of the tail furthest from you. Posted by Picasa

Step 5: Secure baby in by pulling on the tail of the sling. You can pull the whole thing to bring baby close to you. Then pull the side of the tail closest to you to pull the top of the sling close. If you get it too tight, lift up on the outer ring to loosen the fabric. You want to pull baby in really tight. Posted by Picasa

Step 6: Now baby is secure and you are hands free! Posted by Picasa


Renata said...

Hey, I just came across this organization (Triangle Babywearers) through my lactation consultant. They have some tips for successful babywearing http://www.trianglebabywearers.com/
I'm going to ask my LC more about it because I would love to hold my baby in a sling longer.

Shayleen Lunt said...

I just came across your blog when I googled how to make a baby sling. A friend wants one for her baby shower and I'd heard they weren't hard to make. Anyhow, it looks as though you have used a lot of different baby carriers. Which is your favorite? My friend mentioned a wrap sling, but that one looks complicated to put on. The ring sling seems easiest. Am I right? Let me know your opinion. Thanks,

shayleenlunt at gmail dot com