How to Make a Cotton Wrap (NO SEWING)

You will need:
5 yards of t-shirt cotton material
A friend to share with

This is almost silly to post instructions on because there is one step:

1. Cut the fabric down the middle, length-wise, so you have two 5 yard strips of fabric.

That's it! Because of the type of fabric, you don't have to sew anything because the edges will not fray - they just roll up a bit. You can experiment with the length of fabric. I say 5 yards because you can do any of the holds with 5 yards of fabric. If you find that shorter is better for you, guess what - just chop it off!

FYI - I purchased my material at Walmart for $1/yard. That means I made TWO wraps for just $5. A great deal!

For how to use instructions, check out the free instructions Moby Wrap has placed on their website:


KC said...

Leah, my mom wants to know what width the fabric should be for this?

Leah said...

I believe the fabric was 54/55" when I started, meaning that a completed wrap would be 27" wide by 5' long.
Thanks for looking.

KC said...

OK, one more question. What do you mean by t-shirt cotton. I am kind of a moron when it comes to this stuff, but I was out looking today and there is a WIDE variety of what people were calling t-shirt cotton. I think something like this might help my son sleep. I have an Ergo, but he doesn't fall asleep in it because he is upright. I have tried a one shoulder sling but it killed my back. I think this might be better, but don't want to pay $40 to just try it out.

Leah said...

It's not too big of deal which T-shirt cotton you go with. It should be cotton with a bit of stretch to it. The thicker, the better since you will be cradling a baby in it. But it doesn't matter too much. Go with whatever seems a good mix of soft and affordable.

Ruth said...

Thank you SO MUCH for your blog! It is the best I've found on babywearing - I love it. I've seen other monthers use slings and wraps, but I don't have anyone nearby to teach me. Your site has been invaluable to me - especially since I am determined to make my own instead of buying them. Thank you!

One comment about this wrap: I'm 5'9" and 5 yds is just enough for me to wrap my baby this way. Right now she is still a newborn and so still really bunches up under the wrap...maybe when she is older and sits a little flatter against me I will have more extra material. But I still only have enough that I have to tie the wrap in the back. That's not a big deal - I would just prefer to have it tie in the front because I think it would make it easier to adjust. Anyway, if you are a little taller and looking into making this wrap, you might want to think about getting 5-6 yds of fabric instead of just 5.

Anonymous said...

I can't say thank you enough! I can't believe I was going to spend $40 on a Moby Wrap. Also now I'll be able to pick out a fabric I really like instead of just going with their cheap solid ones. I wonder if I'll be able to figure out where to put the seperate designed fabric panel Moby puts on their more expensive ones.

Michelle said...

Thank YOU ...i have found no one to explain these things better than you! i can understand folding like a hotdog and hamburger...sounds silly but THANKS soo much!!ur a lifesaver!

Nina said...

Hi Leah!

Thanks for the great tips.. I just bought about 5 yards of flannel as it's difficult to buy t shirt cotton material here in Malaysia. Even if it's available it's really expensive (about $10 per yard), now i'm relieved that i know you need to cut in the middle because I tried with my baby and it turned out to be very bulky... Zillion Thanks! you're my lifesaver!