How to Make a Woven Wrap

This is a similar wrap to the Cotton Wrap that I showed below, but because it does not have any stretch to it, you can do a wider variety of holds. You will need:

5 yards of heavy woven fabric (100% cotton or a heavy linen)
A friend to share

(As with the Cotton Wrap instructions, you may decide you don't want a full 5 yards - this is completely personal preference.)

Cut the fabric down the middle, length-wise, so that you have two 5 yard strips. You will need to hem the sides of the wrap because these will fray. Now, my mother would roll them over, measuring the entire time, pinning them down, then ironing before she sewed - a real seamstress. I am a hack seamstress, however, and I just roll the edge over twice and run it through the machine. I figure it's close enough and no one is going to be looking at your perfect (imperfect) edges when you have it wrapped around an adorable baby. :)

That's it! You're done! Hem up the other piece of fabric and give it to a friend. There is probably a little more cost in this sling because of the price of the fabric - but keep your eye open for sales at Joann's or a 40% coupon.

To wrap your sling, check out the free instructions posted on: And, as always, if you don't want to make this yourself, I highly recommend the wraps they sell at


amy said...


I love your blog, as well as the Prayer of Hannah blog which I found from a friend of a friend of a friend! They are both such a blessing... my hubby and I were at SEBTS until 04 and now he is the assoc pastor in a small Carolina town and I am a stay-at-home mom with a 2 year old and expecting baby #2 next month. Anyway, I LOVE your sling ideas and have already sewn a ring sling (I wish I would have been more informed with baby #1! I think baby wearing would definitely have helped!) My question has to do with the cotton sling below... I can't find the T-shirt cotton fabric ANYWHERE but Hancock fabric, and it's $9/yd! Yikes! I've been to 3 Wal-marts with no such luck. Do you know of any online distributers that are cheaper? Or do you think buying an actual Moby wrap would be better? Also, on your prayer of Hannah blog you posted about the pouch sling... any plans for future instructions on how to sew them? Thanks again for making these blogs available! I'm really enjoying them and am passing them along to some of my other seminary wife friends who are now pastor's wives with little ones! :)

Leah said...

I'm so glad you've found the blogs to be helpful - that's what I pray for each day! Babywearing is a big help, and I'm sure it will be an even bigger with baby #2 (I hope so! I'm expecting #2 in April!). As for the fabric, what a shame that it is so expensive! Check out - they have jersey knit for $5.25. That's really not great though. A Moby runs around $35, so if you can't get the fabric for cheaper, I would go ahead and get the Moby. My friend Michelle made one of these after reading the blog - I'll check with her about the fabric and get back with you.

Also, I am at my parent's house this week and I'm going to have my mom record me making a pouch sling so I can post video instructions. Look for that in the next week or so.


jen said...

I'm not super crafty in the sewing area, but want to save a little money on a woven wrap. Can you help me and tell me if this fabric would work? Or do I need to go into the store and see how thick it is?
Also, we have some old bed sheets that are in good condition, we just don't have a full sized bed so have no need for them any more. Could I reuse them to make a wrap? I don't think they'd be 5yrds long, but could I sew them together to make 5yrds? Thanks for all of your helpful info!

Leah said...

Both the fabric you linked and the bedsheets will be too thin for a woven wrap. The fabric will cut into your skin. You really need something that is thicker - have you ever seen textiles that come from Mexico or South America that are handmade? A woven wrap must be more along those lines.

Anonymous said...

hiya, how wide is the finished wrap (appx?).

Leah said...

The width of the finished wrap all depends on how wide of fabric you purchase. If you purchase fabric that is 54/55" wide, then the finished wrap will be about 26" wide. If you purchase 60" fabric, then the wrap will be about 29" wide.

Randi said...

Leah!!! I was searching for instrustions on how to make a woven wrap for a friend and this came up in the first 3 results! Love you! =)

Melissa Summers said...

where on-line could I find the textiles from Mexico and South America you refer to in the comments?

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